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How to Use Markup on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

How  to Use Markup on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

With markup, you can easily edit captions and photos easily, select different opacity and font thickness and  you can also save it in a PDF file.

Apps and features that use Markup

some apps that you can use with Markup and steps to get started:


  1.  Open your Mail and tap the compose button  to start a new email. Or reply to an existing email.
  2. Tap inside the body of your email, then tap  or tap Again to open the format bar. You can also tap inside your email, then tap the cursor and select Insert Photo or Video or Add Attachment. You  need to tap the arrow button  to scroll through the options.
  3. Now Tap the camera button  or the document button ,  after that  look for the photo or PDF that you want to attach and mark up.
  4. Select  the attachment, then tap . Tap Markup  to add your markup. Than Tap the plus button  to add a signature, text, and more.
  5. Than go to  Done button   , then send your email.


  1. Open Messages box  and than select  the compose button   to start a new conversation. Or go to an existing conversation.
  2. select the photos button   than select a photo.
  3. After that select the photo in the message, then tap Markup. From here, you can add a sketch to the photo, or tap the plus button  for other Markup options.
  4. Than select Save button , then tap Done.
  5. Tap the blue arrow  to send.


  1. Now Go to Photos Than  select the photo you want.
  2. select  Edit, tap , then tap Markup . Than go the plus button  to add text, shapes, and more.
  3. Than tap Done, after that tap Done again.

How to Draw with Markup

choose a Markup tool, like the pen , highlighter , or pencil , Than select a color and start drawing. Tap the same tool again to change the color opacity, or tap another tool to change the thickness. You can also tap the color button  to change color shades.

Move a drawing

After you draw something, you can move it around.  Than Tap the Lasso  tool, trace a circle around the drawing that you want to move, then drag it where you want it.

Erase or undo a drawing

To redo a drawing, tap the eraser button  and rub your finger across the area you want to erase. You can also undo any markup action by using the undo button undo icon. If you accidentally undo a markup, you can shake your device and tap Redo.

How to Add text, shapes, a signature and  magnifier,

Select the plus button plus sign icon to choose from other Markup tools:
Tap the circle to choose a different text color, then tap text adjustment icon to adjust the font, size, and alignment.
Quickly add or create a signature for a document.
Drag the loupe around, use the blue dot to adjust the size, and the green dot to increase or decrease the magnification level.
Than Select  a shape to add it to your screenshot, photo, or PDF. Drag the shape to where you want it and use the blue dots to adjust the size and shape. Use the green dots to adjust the arrow’s curve and the speech bubble’s appearance.

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