What is a Macintosh Operating System (Mac OS)

What is OS X The Mac operating system

Macintosh Operating System

What is OS X The Mac operating system

Mac OS is that the computer OS for the Macintosh line of private computers and workstations for Apple Computer. a well-liked feature of its latest version Mac OS X may be a desktop interface with some 3-D presence features. Mac OS X features a modular design, which makes it easy to feature new features to future operating systems. It runs UNIX applications also as older Mac applications.



Mac OS comes with the iMac and Power Macintosh line of computers from Apple Computer.

Touch TO Make explains  Macintosh OS (Mac OS)

Mac OS is taken into account the pioneer of GUI based operating systems because it was launched when MS-DOS was the industry standard. Mac OS may be a completely capable OS that gives functionality and services almost like Windows or Linux OS. a number of the code base and features of Lisa OS are incorporated in Mac OS.

Mac OS is meant to work on Apple manufactured PCs and by default, doesn’t support x86 architecture.

As of 2012, Mac OS released several versions, including Macintosh 128k, Mac OS 7, Mac OS X and Mac cougar.

Apple’s marketing for the introduction of the Macintosh focused heavily on its operating system’s intuitive simple use. Unlike virtually all other contemporary PCs, the Mac OS (initially designated simply System Software, with a version number appended) was graphically based. instead of typing commands and directory paths at text prompts, users, moved a mouse pointer to visually navigate the Finder—a series of virtual folders and files, represented by icons. Most computer operating systems eventually adopted the GUI model. within the 1980s Apple made an agreement allowing Microsoft to use certain aspects of the Mac interface in early versions of Windows. However, apart from a quick period within the 1990s, Mac OS has never been licensed to be used with computers made by manufacturers aside from Apple.


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